Friday, January 17, 2014

review: Quaker Real Medleys

hey all!

so, something a bit different, but i had it in my 'drafts', so i wanted to share... i've been thinking of doing more product reviews lately...any thoughts?


i was shopping the clearance rack that night i was grocery shopping --remember, here?-- and stumbled across these... i don't know how much they are regularly, but the box was on sale for $.99... um, yes please! i'm not a huge fan of paying like $5 for a box of breakfast bars, but $.99 i could do...but like i said, they were SALE...clearance even (idk why -- they're far from expired)!

anyways, they are SO good. they have nuts & grains & little pieces of dried, chewy (still a little juicy) fruit... i had the peach... at first i was like, 'eh'...but then, then i fell in love. and scarfed these puppies down! so, i may just be back to buy them in the future...maybe full price, who knows? possibilities are endless! :) just wanted to give you an opinion on a yummy snack/breakfast...

off to eat my leftover Buffalo Wild Wings (from 2 hours ago) because my tummy is already growling at me (that's what happens when i don't stuff my face & tummy uncomfortably full -- i'm hungry again SOON)!!! 


  1. What?! You have a blog! LOVE IT! I haven't updated mine in ages, so it's not thriving much these days, but looking forward to keeping up with yours!

    1. i do, i do, i do! mine is just a silly little spot for me here -- not much thriving either, but that's a-okay! it's just play time & an outlet for my jabber jaws! get to updating so i can keep up with yours (i mean, not like you have a bunch of kiddos or anything...)! :) i kid, i kid! see you at church! xoxo

  2. Replies
    1. me, too! they were yummy yummy in my tummy! :) but sad face because they're all gone now. boo. hope all is well! :)


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