Monday, January 27, 2014


can you tell that i am clearing out my draft messages? :) 

this is what a typical saturday looks like in our household...
lots of NO HAIR/MAKEUP...LOTS of comfies...but lots of getting stuff done! 

HONESTLY, whenever i find myself wanting to do nothing on a saturday, i just keep reminding myself that TOMORROW IS SUNDAY & that Sunday is the day of, i keep trucking, trucking, trucking & getting stuff done because i look so forward to making myself rest...

my breakfast...leftover fruit & fruit dip from a drug rep at work -- okay! free & delish!

getting all my etsy orders/birthday presents mailed! :) 

and a few little treats in super cute bottles that i found while getting groceries!

looking forward to THIS COMING saturday! :) 
xo, j

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