Thursday, January 2, 2014

happy it's thursday.

BOY HOWDAY am I super jazzed tomorrow is FRIDAY. What a week's it's been. This weekend has lots of R&R coming my way...well, and cleaning...and maybe a coffee/hot choco date with the lovely sarah...who knows. The possibilities are endless!

Here are some pictures from sometime the last few weeks... It was after we got home from church one day. I wanted to share a few things:
-my handsome husband
-our HarryPotter Hogwarts LEGO set (above our heads)
-our Bulls Barbie (above our heads -- LOOK CLOSE)
-our short Christmas tree & cute decorations
-my furry little pas
-and my cute red & houndstooth outfit (minus my shoulder sticking out of my cardi--whoops)

Hope you've had a great Thanksgiving, Christmas AND New Years! 

Happy 2014!

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