Friday, January 3, 2014

target, peppermint, american flag...and other things i love.


Can someone please cheer!?

Tonight was the perfect ending to a crazy-busy week: date night with the mister. 

We went to this delicious pizza place & got some yumyums. I was so excited & it was so good. We've been planning this for some time since I got a 'promotion' at my job, however...we've both been sickypoo, so it's been put off for a bit. no worries. We rocked it tonight. Mmmm.

So, the last couple of nights, here are some things that I'm loving:

peppermint ice cream. husband asked what i wanted when i was, anything else besides oj...he suggested ice-cream & that sounds yum on my throat. I told him to surprise me, so this is what he got... He knows me so well. Bonus: locally made & 'natural-er'. :)

american flag scarf. I wore it for the first time today at work & then again for date night! I love it. I love, love it! So cozy & cute! It definitely spiced up the scrubs that I wear!

And dear Target Dollar you. A coworker said it was 75% off! I was going to stock up on gifts, however, the sale was over! :( But, I still found goodies...
MINT CHOCO PRETZEL CHIPS (you know me & mint stuff...must try)
DRY ERASE MARKER (on my 'list')
COOL SOCKS FOR BROTHER (if you see this brother or gf, ignore...) :)

i love straws. it's something i got from my friend bailey. drink past your teeth & it won't stain them. i use them all the time. sometimes i forget to drink past my teeth, but whatever... these paper straws will be for 'special times' like girls night & stuff, since they're not super duper cheapy! the pink striped & heart ones were dollar section & the red striped with Christmas saled ones! SCORE!

have a superb weekend!

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