Friday, March 30, 2012

my birthday is TOMORROW!

i am super crazaaaay super-de-duper annnnxious/excited to be off of work today... why, you ask? BECAUSE... I HAVE THE BEST HUBS EVVVVVER! and it's my birthday tomorrow...and because he's planning something special...and i have no idea what it is... and the celebration starts tonight! okay, insert deep breath here... i'm so stinkin' jazzed! so, the other night while i was sick, he kept me in the living room & went into the bedroom & wrapped presents for an hour or so... it was so cute. he came out with a sad face & said, 'the paper is see-through'... i got him 'not see-through' paper... he went back in & finished wrapping. gosh, moments like that...sweet things he does...melt my heart over & over... so anyways, super excited because he said he wanted to wrap it early so i could walk by it & get more & more excited... the cool thing is that he said, 'as soon as we get home on friday...i want you to sprint & open the present up!' i'm so excited... months ago he asked what i wanted... i just said that i didn't care... just something sweet. plan a day or something... so, 'best husband ever' has something up him sleeve & i am so excited. little kid in a candy store excited! :) anyways... i'm getting myself more & more worked up... TWENTY.THREE here WE come...! yeow!


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