Tuesday, March 27, 2012


i am sick. it is no fun. i ended up still coming to work because well, frankly... i don't have enough PTO to be sick & an other girl is already sick. so, we're short-staffed already PLUS i bought some sudafed last night, but it's not kicking in. trying to get lots of POM juice in me... i usually buy bolthouse farms, but they totally increased the price at the store i went to... like over a dollar -- no way, jose. my husband is such a good husband. he was seriously taking care of me the whole night, checking up on me, etc. i even heard truman bark & adam was like, 'truman! quiet!' it was super sweet. ah, good hubs, good hubs. i have a tendency towards ear/sinus infections... my ears keep popping, i was sweating all night, runny nose...the whole nine yards. anyways, as i'm sure you gathered, i can talk forever. so, i'm going to stop, suck on my cough drops, drink my POM & take it easy at work. xs, os & a big red runny nose, j

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