Wednesday, March 21, 2012

the first day.

okay. hmmm. so, i don't know what you're supposed to really talk about on here. i guess i'll just start...start talking about life. i love life. i feel like the good Lord above has blessed my husband & i's life abundantly. when i look back at the 'hardships' that we think we have, we really don't have much of all. for example, mean people. they are going to be everywhere you are. you just have to rise above & try to handle them to the best of your ability. whenever they start getting the best of you, lift your hands up to the Lord...realize you can't do it on your own...give it to Him. that's something that i have been struggling with lately: meanies (it makes me feel better to use cutsie names like that--makes it more light-hearted than it actually is) learn a hard, hard lesson when you get out of high school that, although out of high school, sometimes people never grow up. my mother-in-law always use to tell my husband, 'everyone you meet is going to teach you something...some of them will teach you how you don't want to be.' how true have those words echoed in my ears lately. i don't really know why i'm saying all of this... i guess just to get it out there because generally, i'm an extremely happy person. i'm the girl who you would wonder if something is wrong with me because i'm so happy & bubbly. some people just laugh & love it while others just try to drag you down. i guess what i'm saying is... stay strong, stay upbeat, stay positive. i hope that, whoever is reading this... if anyone is reading this, know that i am praying for you & hoping that your day is sunshine & roses & everything nice in the world. and if it isn't, if you're in pain -- whatever the reason, i'm praying that you keep that pretty little chin up. God loves you -- He's with you -- He's on your side. Talk soon, chow.

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