Thursday, March 22, 2012


first off, good morning! what a happy, beautiful blessing this day has been ALREADY! so, obviously these 'meanies' who i was talking about in the first post have been just eating away at me (& my husband to be quite honest...). sometimes it is difficult to understand why people are the way they are. we have been praying so hard, not for them to stop necessarily, but for 1. the Lords' will to be done & 2. for the Lord to give us the proper words/response/reaction because i alone am to stubborn & sarcastic to do it on my own. this morning, i bought the meanies some breakfast stuff & went & sat at my desk. i was originally just going to buy my buddies breakfast stuff, but then decided that in an effort to spread some joy, i would extend some love, regaurdless of how little or how small. so, i sat at my desk & the Lord laid a sense of calming on my heart. a calming that i could no longer feel my pride, my sarcasm, my closed up & hurt heart, all i could feel was the sense of needing to apologize. not necessarily because i had started anything... because i certainly did not. however, i was stooping down to these girl's level. i was letting my anger fester inside, make my days hard & angry & let them get the best of me. so, i went over, apologized if i had hurt anyone's feelings & just spilled my guts. it was amazing. i felt a weight lifted off of me. i immediately emailed my husband & what wife doesn't love hearing the supporting words from her husband, 'i'm very proud of you for what you did.' my heart melted. not only did i feel i was doing what was honoring God, but my husband as well. my little heart melted -- winna winna, chicken dinna.

on a similar topic(ish)... it's sort of cool -- my husband & i got baptized together this past weekend. i have felt like we made a very public commitment of our faith & obviously Satan didn't like that too much. there have been various EXTREMELY bad things happening this week... i just think he's trying to pull us back down. the cool thing is, my faith isn't all. i'm not angry that 'these things are happening to me & my loved ones'... i'm looking at it more as a challenge in, 'okay, jace... how is the correct, Godly way to handle this new situation?' or, 'is the old situation really worth getting upset about?' or, 'let's rearrange priorities.' it's just so refreshing...and pretty exciting for me, really. i mean, i don't enjoy these trials, i don't wish them upon anyone, but, not maybe... i know that the Lord is throwing some things my way to test, challenge & help me/my husband grow. how much cooler can life get than that.

below is how happy i am right now... :) sunshine & roses, people... sunshine & roses...

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