Thursday, March 22, 2012

brotherly lo-lo-lo-love.

other things that make me happy in life are... FAM.IL.Y. my brother, justin is an amazing person. and i'm not just saying this because i know he'll be reading this -- it's because he is. anyone who is lucky enough to get to know him is well...lucky, i guess? wow, wording is wrong on that one. oh well... anyways, he sent me this email this morning & if this doesn't make you wanna meet him, then you stink. jaaykaay.

-Love you for who you are.
-Love how you love on my daughters.
-Love how you love on my wife.
-Love how you are examining belief system and asking thoughtful questions.
-Like the new font / blog setup, looks great,
-You have a VERY involved skin care routine, wow.
-Chow: to eat.   (used at the end of the skin care post)
-Caio: An Italian word that can be used as an acknowledgement of 'Hello' or 'Goodbye'. (the word that should have been used at the end of the skin care post) ; )-
-You can indeed learn something from everyone you meet, 'meanies' can teach what the embodiment of bitterness, envy, lack of joy, or lack of grace look like.  This can show just how ugly life can be when these traits are allowed to fester inside a person...something that Christians do not want to harbor...and why forgiveness is so important...and amazing.
Aim for Perfection!
how funny/cute is this? i mean, seriously... so encouraging. so happy to have him & his family/my family in my husband & my corner...BAM!
and also, CAIO (insert my sad face here...feeling a little DUM (i meant to not put a 'b' beeteedubs...)

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