Wednesday, March 21, 2012

good swag. good times.

scored some super-de-duper-de-ooper good swag tonight... :) so excited... new estee lauder stuff, new awesome clock to snazzy up our walls (have i mentioned i'm a HUGE bargain shopper? $120 clock for like $45 or something), a LED flashlight for my hubs (it's actually kinda cool!), and all sorts of other stuff... anyways...
um, by the way... jimmie kimmel is on... sometimes he's funny... tonight he's being a sillyhead...making fun of santorum & his family. kinda annoying -- oh politics.

well, i have to go. i have lots & lots of catching up to do on cuddling the puppies & the husband.

i mean, just look at these babies... they're begging to be cuddled...


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