Wednesday, March 21, 2012

super-duper excited!

so i have this friend. she rocks. i started to fret about getting lines & wrinkles, so she took my to the estee lauder counter. she said that i have to get her skin system made by them, but boy-oh-boy are they pricey. she had a coupon, so i said i would try them. the good thing about estee lauder is if you don't like the product, they will give you a full refund back -- even if you've used the product! so, of course -- it was a win-win because i absolutely adore the products i use... i mean, adore. i can tell a huge difference in how (not)cakey my face looks when my make-up is applied around my eyes... they look WAY better, way more moisturized. i'm still waiting on the dark circles to disappear, but you know... it helps me work on my patience. so, here's why i'm super-de-duper jazzed... because the GOODWILL SALE is going on right now at YOUNKERS! who wouldn't be excited for that? it's the only time of year where they give you coupons that you can spend on make-up counters! so, BAM, there's 15% of the estee lauder stuff & guess what else... if you sign up for a card, BAM, another 20% off on top of the! BAM-A-LAM i say! so super-duper excited!

here's the products i use for my skin routine (including estee lauder products & others you can find at walmart, target, walgreens, online...pretty much anywhere):

 Radiance Facial Cleanser
burt's bees radiance facial cleanser (originally bought before estee lauder stuff, but didn't do the trick on it's own, so now i use it first & foremost...smells kinda funny, but i love)

Citrus Facial Scrub

burt's bees citrus facial scrub (had to try this stuff since kandee johnson loved it...beeteedubs, if you haven't read her blog(s), you need to...)

Perfectly Clean
estee lauder's perfectly clean (part of my estee lauder 'system'... it LITERALLY makes your face feel 'sqeaky clean'. the only issue i had with this is that i felt like without an exfoliator or a cleansing toner, my face still had make-up caked on even after washing or a shower. i HAVE to use this with exfoliator/toner to get the full clean... peeee.esssss. close your eyes when stings, otherwise!)

step 4: get out of shower, pat down dry!

neutrogena's rapid clear 2-in-1 fight & fade toner (i originally started using this after i ran out of my ALBA toner, which i loved, but they didn't have at the store i was at... i love this, too, & have no complaints! it cleans well!)

i also got a free sample of this that i have been using... it's good, but i love my others, so the verdict is still out whether it is worth the extra how ever many dolla-dolla bills, yawl.
Soft Clean


estee lauder's idealist (this stuff is good -- and it looks irridecenty.... good times, good times. smells nummy, too!)

Advanced Night Repair
estee lauder's advanced night repair (love this stuff. this + the 'eye repair' (next step) are the maceroni to cheese of your face... does that make sense? probably not. 5 drops of this stuff & you're set.)

Advanced Night Repair Eye 
estee lauder's advanced night eye repair (this stuff is so soothing & nice on eyes... it almost has a warming sensation-type thing... love it! a little goes a loooong way!)

step 8:

alba botanica's un-petroleum multi-purpose jelly (i had first started using this stuff after kandee johnson said she uses it & used the 'dried out bread' analogy... look her up & check out her blogs! she's amazing & so is this un-petroleum! it feels like you have vaseline on your face, but it keeps everything sealed it. i use to use it all the time & stopped for a while, but just started again last night. use it & lolololoooove it! :) )

step 9: grab your hubby, cuddle up, fall asleep, have sweet dreams, wake up in the a.m., repeat, then go have a wonderful, sunshiney day!

if you haven't heard of the 'goodwill sale', check out the good cause:


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