Thursday, April 18, 2013

cool things at barnes & noble!

these are pictures i took back at the beginning of december on a little shopping trip! i'm trying to go through all of my pictures, so i can document my life for the future & little ones & just because & for me & the hubs, but i do tend to get a bit behind! bare with me! :)

a delicious frappuccino blended beverage! honestly, i prefer caribou coffee, but this'll do! especially when i have a giftcard! BAM!

 i think these are some little treasures. i'm a sucker for things 'vintagey-looking'. truth be told, i'd probably never even read these... they just look neat! :)

and i thought this little thing was cute for a little lady someday! and how easy it'd be to make! :) it was at tjmaxx, not barnes & noble, but oh well!

happy 4 months late!

found the EXACT onesie pictured above at GOODWILL the other day... i was SO close to buying it, but the green tulle was like a brick & wouldn't feel good scratching little baby's skin...oh goodwill...i love you so!

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