Saturday, April 20, 2013

happy saturday!

what a day it's been!
how about you? how has your saTURDay been? 

how to have a successful saturday in our household:
*sleep in...until the dogs wake you up*
*go back to bed after you take the dogs out & feed them*
*sleep some more*
*get up & do whatever you want the remainder of the day*

and you know...that's exactly what we did! :) 

as you know, it was my birthday quite recently...husband got me all sorts of goodies & we had a GREAT day...! it was also Easter, so BAM! anyways, one of the things that we've done the last 3 years is painting pottery. the first year we did it, then we went to the lake & then...HE PROPOSED! :) sweet, right? yup... last year we decided to make a large popcorn bowl with all the things we'd done during that year...we put all sorts of stuff about the engagement, the wedding, the honeymoon, etc. we decided to do this annually. 

well, the weekend of my birthday, we were going to go down to my mom & dad's saturday & sunday (for Easter). mr. husband wanted an 'us night' (i know, gasp, sweet right?). so, friday night, we ventured off to dinner & decided on the movies... the original plan was to go to paint the pottery, but we realized we really couldn't think of that much we'd done this year! AH! so, we spent dinner making a list & decided we'd paint later. well, today was the day! it was a BLAST!

delayed satisfaction...we have to wait a week until they can do whatever they do with it...bake it or something...?! then we can pick it up! and we'll have a nice little bowl set! can't wait to show you pictures!

until then, you'll just have to settle with pictures of me & my outfit! :) 

as i was cropping this picture, i noticed a little truman in the right corner. cracked me up...just had to keep him in there! "whatcha up to, mommy?"

vs jacket $20 (had a giftcard, so FREE, bam!)
vs neon orange tank $5 (had a giftcard, so FREE, bam!)
vs gold chain $5 (semi-annual, perfect!)

my FAVORITE earrings! thanks, younkers!

HAHA. the ring...yes, it has a basketball on it. when we were dating, husband won it/got it & brought it to me out of a little machine-thing. things like this make me smile. who cares who sees me & thinks, "why in the world is she wearing a basketball ring?" uh, people...because it's GREAT!

and that's all... hope you all had a very happy saturday!

here's to puppydogs in the corner of pictures, 

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