Thursday, April 25, 2013

challenge: day 4

day 1 & 'the challenge'
day 2 eating cupcakes
day 3 eating cake & being called jiggly

without further ado...TODAY!
day 4: april 25
weight: 173.4/170
bust: 32
belly button: 3205
tummy: 37.5
hips: 41
thigh: 24
arm: 11

(i do this EVERY morning, first thing after going to the little girl's room & brushing my teephers; right now it must just depend on if i'm breathing in or out, AH!)

i did: 
*NO nothing*
*drank approx 24 oz water*

i ate: 
crackers, bread & veggies w/ dip! YUM.
1 chicken pillow (this was the end of these...)
1 chocolate kiss

all different dips & such! it was a girl's last day at work, so there was a ton of food in x-ray that some girl shared with me! YUM! i hadn't eaten lunch with our busy day, so the was GREAT!

today was a FULL day. we had a funeral to go to, which meant going to work for 1 hour...changing out of scrubs into 'funeral clothes' at work...going to meet adam...carpooling to the funeral...going back to our meeting place (adam's work)...finding out that i had a flat tire...adam trying to fill it hearing/feeling it leaking...adam bringing it to a car place...said car place not being able to fix it (we need a new tire, but they won't get any until tomorrow)...

FASTFORWARD to i get off work...have to bring adam to pick up my broken car, so we can get it to a different car place that DOES have a tire they can put on it... we're at the 1st car place & they fill up the *STILL LEAKING* tire & say it'll make it until we get to the other carplace. okay. we go. we get 5(ish) minutes from & the tire is FLAT. no driving on that rim... OH & we told them we'd be there by's quickly approaching as we're pulled off on the side of the road & adam's putting the donut on. well...then the tire WILL NOT come off. won't budge. after 5-10 minutes of pulling, prodding, kicking, husband gets it off & the donut on... MY MUSCLES MAN! we arrive at car placae #2 at 5:34 & they say they'll still fix it. THANK YOU, LORD (really, though).

we have our car back safe & sound. now i clean around a bit, we shower, i get stuff ready for a baby shower this weekend...and now i'm here blogging. i need to clean more & get a church survey done yet. i should do some packing, but NAH. later, i say. :) so, that's my excuse for no running or anything. plus, i'm 3 days out of 4 to complete the running/walking part of the challenge this week.


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  1. I'm now "Eating Clean" and it has been the hardest thing for me. Seriously, I am struggling. Without chocolate? It KILLS me. I'm glad to see you tried my pillows!


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