Friday, April 12, 2013

happy friday!

today is the start of a great weekend! :) our apartment is all clean (husband is SUCH a good help, seriously). my mama & my sister are coming up tonight... we're going to do lots of girly things like:

*eat ice cream*
*have a glass of wine*
*stay up late*
*paint our nails*
*do facials*
*talk about boys (adam suggested this, HA!)*
*maybe play games*
*veg out*
*watch some girly movies*

then, we'll get some sleep. and wake up bright & early...get dollied up... and go -- SHOPPING! swishcity! :) BAM! POW! WHAM! gotta get my coupons outta my purse still & sorted...then we're set! :)

that's about it... oh yeah! and the hubs & i got FREE bonjovi tickets for Sunday night.

do we like bonjovi? not really. 
do we know any of their songs? maybe 1 or 2. 
are we 'concert-people'? not at all...

BUT they're FREE! and it'll be something different to do... something that we'll MAKE fun! and another memory that we'll have together! i once read a book on marriage that said do as many 'different things' & get lots of 'different memories' together... and THIS cute couple has inspired me to do some different dates, so...what the heck. if we don't like the concert, we leave early & we're out NOTHING!

hope all of your weekends ROCK!

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