Thursday, April 25, 2013

challenge: day 3

come on the journey with me!

DAY 3! still in happy spirits, but definitely TIRED!

here's my day 3 "progress"...
day 3: april 24
weight: (depending where i stood it was different...wierd!) 1st: 173.4/2nd: 170
bust: 33
belly button: 33.5
tummy: 37.5
hips: 40
thigh: 24

i did:
*i jogged 1 mile by myself*
*i walked/jogged 1 mile home*
*i drank approx 40 oz of water*
*crunches & arm things (idk what they're called)*
*bunch of stretching*

i ate:
6 oz chobani yogurt
a large piece of cake
5 broccoli trees w/ light ranch
turkey & cheese sammich (w/ butter-YUM)!
a few pieces of trail mix

perks of working at a doctor's office...ESPECIALLY when he makes A DELISH cake for his birthday...

husband even got to taste some! :)

so...on my run...minding my own business & i pass 3 little 13 year old boys on their biggy. and then...i'm on my way back from my run...and come across them again. i see them all staring at me & i'm like, "okay, weird". THEN, right as i get past them i hear, "Yeahhh, giggle, giggle..." then i thought about, that's not what they said... they said, "Yeahhh, jiggle, jiggle!"


i didn't really think about it for a second... i just processed. there's really only 3 reasons they would have said that; they are as follows:

1. they're looking at some lady goods -- that they shouldn't be...and EWW.
2. they're admiring a little extra jiggly fat that i have on my bones...mean.
3. they're 13 year old doesn't matter if i was 78 pounds or 300 pounds...they would've made a comment...just to.

so...i think about it & contemplate turning around... i decide NAY. i text my family & was just like, "UH, seriously?!" so on my way home, i'd been thinking, "How would Jesus handle a situation like this?" okay, i doubt anyone yelled, "jiggle, jiggle" at Jesus, but...people yelled & did MUCH worse things to him... and He turned the other cheek... or calmly have a conversation with them. by the time i had gotten home, i decided that i was getting right back in the car & having a talk with these little ones. i walked in the door & said, "Hunnie, i'm going to go back & see if they're there."
adam says, "okay, i'm right behind you. what are you going to do, jace?"
"i'm not going to yell at them or get in their face. just tell them how disrespectful & not funny they are...regardless of what they meant by it. they're either gross, mean, or just dumb."

that's of course a shortened version, but...we got in the car & left. it'd been raining & they'd skated on home. which was fine... no biggy. but our town is small & i'm sure we'll see them again & have the opportunity to chat. 

we had also decided that they could either apologize then OR if they didn't want to do of those lucky little ones could be followed home, so we could chat with mom & dad. as husband says, they're 'so tough' in groups, but when you get one alone...they cower pretty quickly. i know that if someone approached me & said my kid was saying/doing something dumb like that, it would be an issue that would definitely be dealt with...

but that's the other thing... you never know what sort of parent you're going to get... one that cares would do something & appreciate knowing & handle accordingly. but we all know there's ones who, "boys will be boys"... "no harm, no foul"... "they're just kids..."
MAYBE SO. BUT...they're growing up to be little men. where are they seeing this from? who's saying this is okay? no, this is NOT okay, no matter which option they meant. i understand that sometimes things happen (i'm sure adam &/or i said loads of dumb/unnecessary things to people as kids), but there is an influence that is coming from SOMEWHERE.

SOOO...if we got a parent who was appreciative: great.
if we got a parent whom wasn't: great. next time your child decides to say something like that to me as i'm running...since YOU don't want to deal with it, we can call the police. i'm sure harassment doesn't look too kindly on a 13 year old boy's record.

and now that i'm seeing what i'm sounds like i'm really worked up or something. I'M NOT. i repeat, i'm not. just ask hubs, pretty calm one here. these are just all of the things that adam & i discussed last night & i'm trying to do better at getting all of my thoughts down! :)

anyways, your JIGGLY (whatever that means) j

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