Tuesday, April 30, 2013

challenge: day 5-9


so... the first week of the challenge went by with flying colors! my mom drank pop & had a punishment...so instead of 4 1/2 hour walks...she had to do a 1/2 hour walk every single night...she still drank pop 2 other times & tried to laughingly blame it on someone else... oh mom, you can't fool me! :)
my sister lynds did good, except instead of walking 4 nights, she put the 2 hours of walking into 1 or 2 nights...and me...WHAT, WHAT? i win. i passed with flying colors, as i said. 

THIS WEEK'S CHALLENGE is given by lynds...here it is... 3 1/2 hour walks/runs...10 minutes of stretching before each one...only 1 sweet per day...veggies before EVERY lunch & dinner.... OOOOH. i usually stretch, but not 10 minutes... so today when i did it, i convinced myself i could tell a difference in my run! i actually think i did! it's not hard for me to eat veggies...at all...but making a conscience choice to every meal is hard. i guess i just don't think about it. to make things easier, pretty much all i'm eating is veggies...that way i won't forget & won't loose the challenge! i've pretty much cut out sweets & pop...for now! FOR NOW.

here's a recap of the last 5 days!

day 5: april 26
weight & measurements: can't find it :( 
i must not have done them this day... i ended up going home sick because i was feeling QUITE drat. i get a pass on this day, i'd say. 

i did: 
went to work for 4 hours & then slept for the rest...
AKA: nothing
drank 8 oz water

i ate:
1 banana
itty-bitty bowl (comparatively) of honey nut cheerios
mini mr. goodbar
1 piece of sausage & pepperoni pizza

day 6: april 27
today was a BIG day of eating & fun. i was feeling just fine again, which was great...and had my sister's baby shower. yes, lots of food. i did...eh.

weight & measurements: i weighed myself, but didn't put much stock in it...because it's a different scale (at my mother-in-law's) & i like MY scale...lol, sounds dumb, but whatever. plus, it's the weekend. and i was away...and i just didn't, okay?! :)

i did:
walked 1/2 hour - 1 hour with puppies & husband...it was awesome!

i ate/drank:
3 cups crystal light pink lemonade
2 cups crystal light raspberry ice
Ham cheese sanwhich
Turkey sandwich
Turkey & ham sandwich
Mixed fruit
2 Mints
1 sausage & green olive pizza
1 spaghetti pizza
1 breadstick with sauce
1 bottle of water
2 koolade burst

day 7: april 28
weight & measurements: still at mom-in-law's, so i didn't measure.

i did: 
jogged 1 mile
jogged & walked 3 miles

i ate:
1 stax
1 look-aid burst
Mixed fruit
16.9 oz water
Turkey & ham sandwich
1/2 cupcake
2 French fries
32 oz water
Bag of popcorn with kernel seasons nacho cheese, white cheddar, kettle corn

after day 7 (going 4 miles), i found out my shorts were apparently TOO short...they were VS Pink ones...ummm, my thighs weren't having it & MAJOR CHAFFING happened, people. ouch. ouch is RIGHT. not doing that again. i waddled home like a penguin...and i woulda ran MORE, but it hurt too bad. so, i got out my cooly-dooly biker shorts to run in tonight! no more chafing! BOOYAH.

$10 or $14 at wal-mart last year...i'm going to look for more. maybe tjmaxx...cheapies...i'm cheap.

and of course, what else do you need to complete your stunning work-out emsemble (besides biker shorts?!)...a tight pony. the end.

day 8: april 29
Weight 173.8/170.4
Bust: 31
Belly button: 33.5
Tummy: 38
Hips: 40.5
Thigh: 24.5
Arm: 11.5

i did:
NOTHING! day off; after work, adam & i headed to his church softball league! GO FEDS!

i ate/drank:


Bel vita chew
64 oz water
Broccoli, rice & cheese
3 Ham & cheese sandwich
Broccoli & ranch
Swig of  shake

day 9: april 30
weight: 173.8/169.4 (WHAT, WHAT?! under 170!)
weight @ the doctor (physical): 173.4 (with clothes & shoes)
bust: 31
belly button: 33.5
tummy: 38
hips: 40.5
thigh: 24.5
arms: 11.5

i did:

jogged 1 mile
walked & jogged 1 mile back home

i ate: 
64 oz water
2 bananas
broccoli w/ cheese & noodles
more steamed broccoli & cheese



  1. Well look at you, bein' all healthy! Congrats! First, have you heard of the LoseIt app or the MyFitnessPal app? You can track calories and it's free! Also, spinach... It's the best. I put it in/on a LOT of food to get my veggies. Grilled cheese, in my eggs in the morning. It's grand!

    1. YAY! thank you. i'm a trying -- tonight was tough because it's chilly & i didn't want to run against the wind. AH, but i did it! I have heard of my fitness pal & i was going to sign up... a girl i work with does it & really loves it... SPINACH. i love spinach...seriously...LOVE SPINACH. good idea in grilled cheese... omlettes with spinach & mushrooms. YUM.


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