Thursday, April 25, 2013

challenge: day 2

to read about this challenge & day 1, go HERE!

here is my "progress"... 
DAY 2: april 23
weight: 173
bust: 32.5
belly button: 33.5
tummy: 39
hips: 40
thigh: 24.5
arm: 11.5

i did:
*i jogged 1 mile with trumanators*
*i walked/jogged 1 mile back home with truman*
*i drank approx 88 oz of water*

i ate:
6 oz chobani yogurt
2 5/8 oz rold gold pretzels
1cornbread cupcake (yeah...)
1/2 smores cupcake (yeah, yeah...)
1/2 raspberry razzle dazzle cupcake (yeah, yeah, yeah...)
4 mini e'claires
1 chocolate chip cookie
1/2 cup trail mix

yes...days like this is why i jiggle a bit...AHHHH.

sweaty girl + vampire dog = great tuesday night

here's to receding hair lines on a GIRL at 24! whoop, whoop!

truman was feeling a little camera shy...

so...there you have it! day 2... does anyone know any good calorie counter websites? i think i might do one...i have a couple suggestions from people at work, too! here's the thing... when you have something 'homeade' or something that doesn't give all the nutritional in the world do you figure it out?! THAT'S WHERE IT THROWS ME...!'s what i'm doing... eating when i'm hungry...and not eating when i'm not! pretty easy & not so many 'rules'! 


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