Saturday, April 20, 2013

here's to not liking to run...

no secret: i don't like to run. at all. i think i've told you this before...

here's the thing. i'm at the beginning stages of running again. i run...then i stop for a while...then run for a while...then stop for a while...

BUT...i DO feel better when i run. i hate it...but after i do it, i feel better. i feel like i'm doing something & not just being a big pile on the couch. and i see progress. in my breathing, in my distance, in my time, in my body... and lately, let's say i've had one too many starbursts. i need to do something before i get out of control.

not only do i want to be more healthy, but a main motivation is the way i look...for my husband. honestly, that's really one of my only concerns. i feel better about myself, but i want him to love the way i look, too! i mean, i know he matter what, of course, but one thing i don't want to do is let go much at all...and i haven't done well at that lately...

sure, i'm not grossly 'obese' or anything like that, but i don't want to be either. and getting my booty up & off the couch will ensure that! and i know that i'll thank myself later...and so will husband!

ready to conquer running...again.

THIS is the face of someone who does NOT really want to go for that run...

my SWEET tights from 7th/8th grad track...yeah, seriously. AND A TRUMAN & SYDNEY!

things you need to be a successful runner:
*an old high school softball hoodie*
*and old nike swish headband from middle school/high school era*
*an pair of track tights from the 7th/8th grade that are still in great condition*
*a beaten up pair of SHOX that have got lots of use in restaurants*
*2 puppy dogs to help you get amped up*

and there you have it... if you have these things, you're golden! :) enjoy your run!


PS...i kinda miss the days of HS sports where you had someone yelling at you & pushing you to GO HARDER, RUN HARDER, RUN FASTER...etc etc etc. i really need to work on this whole self-disciplene thing... :)


  1. Well hey! At least you look super cute in that outfit, right? Haha!Props to you for working out, my dear!


    1. well aren't you just making my little heart smile a big smile?! :) :) thanks! 3 night IN A ROW! bam! :)


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