Saturday, April 13, 2013

if you would have seen me today...

THIS IS WHAT I WOULD HAVE LOOKED LIKE. yeah, it was the definition of cool. fo' sheezy. here's what YOU need to dress like me & look like a shopping queen:

*1 pair of hipster glasses you found in the halloween clearance section of wal-mart (for $1)*
*a semi-old pair of earrings from your old job (The Limited), mainly because you can't find your new favorites...sad.*
*a puma side-zip-up that is super cute & comfy, but also...mainly because you couldn't find your Simply Vera extra-long cardi*
*an HYSTERICALLY fantastic shirt that is...just a pug's face that husband got you for part of your birthday present*
*some old leggings with a GIANT hole that is too big to be missed in the thigh area*
*a second pair of patterned leggings to put under the legging with a giant hole*
*slouchy suede boots you found for $10 on clearance*

and that's it... that's all you need to look like a super-cool shopping queen!
easy-peezy right?!

my brother hates this shirt... i LOVE this shirt. wanted it since i saw it around Christmas! good job, husband! :) 

and this is me after wearing 'glasses' ALL day. you can see the indent by my nosey...and bags under my eyes & that look on my face because i'm tired & that's how God made me. 

also... i love how my eyebrows look like the pug's eyebrows on my shirt. perfect.

just incase you needed to see it closer...

pretty successful shopping day. i'd say i'd fill you in on what i got, but i'm not good at that on here. plus i want to hang with hubs. he's putting together a new bookshelf i got today! :) 

loves, loves & loves. 
doesn't get much better than listening to husband sing some oldies in the other room. what a happy husband. lovin' life! :) 

praying that life is going swell for you... and if it's not, praying that you'll keep your head high & know God is in control!

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