Wednesday, October 31, 2012

happy halloween!

of course, i had to add a little 'harry potter' theme to this... DOBBY!

someday when we have a house... :)

halloween CHIC! yes, please!

you know how i love my 'funky nails'!

AGAIN with the harry potter... i know, right?!

love all the white, decorated 'shabby-chic' pumpkins i've seen... they're on my 'to-do' list when we have that house... :) :) :)

ooooh spooky, but darling.

SOOO cute. photo shoot, future kiddo!

i've been home sickypoo today... my coworkers dressed up today & i'm sure there were some SUPER-CUTE outfits that i can't wait to hear about! :)

happy SAFE halloween, 


  1. I like to catch up with your blog all at once...if you've noticed. That little boy with the ears is soooo freakin cute! I love the decorations too!

    amanda @ we and serendipity

    1. haha i TOTALLY do that with peoples... some days you just don't have time...i totally get it! but i loved seeing all of your i thought, "man, does anyone even read this thing!?" so your stuff made me happy! and the boy -- i know! ahHHH! :)


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