Saturday, October 20, 2012

almost...ONE YEAR.

coming up soon (monday, to be exact), mr a & myself will be celebrating the big ONE YEAR anniversary... it's so super-duper crayZAY how fast it's went... seriously. i can only hope & pray that everyone's first year of marriage is/was as blessed as ours.
we've been trying to come up with some ideas of what to do...
go out to eat?
go on a mini-vacation?
talk about ALL the blessings the Lord has given us (my brother & sister do this)?
go through our 'box of stuff' (notes from when we first met, etc)?
watch our wedding video?
look at our wedding pictures & honeymoon book?
dance to our 'first dance song'?
oh how the possibilities are endless.
but more than anything, i just want to be with him. to shower him with love. and to tell him all day long how thankful i am that the Lord blessed me with a man such as he. i try to tell him these things anyways, but who says i can't use one more 'special' day to remind him!
so... we're CRAZYBAD wanting to know... what did YOU do for YOUR anniversary?

p.s. wanna see some wedding pictures? go HERE.

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