Monday, November 11, 2013


i was just talking with husband tonight about blessings. one of my friends was asking me some questions about tithing (adam & i are very proud of her) & it got me thinking of recent blessings... i know i've told you before about us & tithing... & if i haven't, forgive me... i will sometime... 

it's just amazing how faithful the Lord is... the ways he finds to provide. like, okay...we give our 10% minimum. and then we give time. and energy. and little stuff to lots of people around us...little gifts or little blessings that we pray the Lord will use to show His light to them...or just things to show people His love. this month we did Operation Christmas Child which was quite a bit extra. and we contemplated this being part of our tithe, but then we thought... when we tithe, we support God's church at the local level & if everyone decided to do OCC & have that be their tithe, how would the church be supported? it's just a small thought, but what do you think? anyways, so, we did this as extra. and you know what? the Lord has provided even more abundantly! 

...and it just makes me laugh...and fills me with joy... 

i mean, look at all my ETSY orders. i haven't had this many at once in quite some time... curious? i don't know...maybe? but, i think not... :) AND, i've sold a few things on Craigslist...and there have been a few other opportunities the the Lord has blessed us even more! it's amazing really. He DOES work in mysterious ways! 

so, my encouragement to you. 

sometimes it can be easy to put off giving the Lord HIS money that He's letting you manage on can find yourself spending it on something else... but God is a God of kept promises. And He promises to provide. Maybe not in the ways you may've thought...but He is sovereign & perfect in everything. and who knows, maybe he'll bless you tenfold for your discipleship!

sorry i ramble lots & i hope it makes sense...if not, PLEASE ASK, so i can clarify!

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