Monday, November 11, 2013

so...i've made myself like yogurt & now I LOVE IT (adam, if you're reading this...picture Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs where they're talking about jello & she says, "I LOVE IT!" ha!). i eat yogurt almost every day in all shapes & sizes, flavors & colors & brands...i don't discriminate against my yogurt. it's so good for you...and so yummy! most days, at least!

anyways, i started to notice the pink lids on Yoplait yogurt i was buying & realized it was for breast cancer awareness. husband & i both agree that we are for ANY type of cancer awareness, so i thought why not spend a couple moments to enter in the code on the lid... it's TOTALLY free & they'll donate $.10 per lid! how cool is that? just tonight i 'donated' like $1.10 from some lids i'd saved...and i've been doing this all month!

all i'm saying is, the little things make a different. you may think, 
"it's only 1 lid for $.10..."
"it's only a penny on the ground...why pick it up?"
"i'm only one vote & that doesn't matter..."

it totally does! they all add up people! if everyone said that, then there'd be no donations or votes or whatever you want to inject into that example!

HA, yes. this is my garbage with all my lids after i'd entered them. silly goose me.

so, if you have a few moments, take those lids from your yummy yogurt (& some other products, i think green giant?!) & enter the codes in (or you can mail them, if you don't like computers -- which would be funny because you're on a computer reading this right now!!! :) 

that's it! the end!

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