Wednesday, August 13, 2014

update: silly hair

So...heya... I told you of the adventures of growng my hair out here!
Welp, I'm still at it! Here's an updated pic taken just a couple Sundays ago after church -- what do you think? I'm thinking I might do some light highlights -- not a bunch, still natural. Yeesh, I'm really liking the ashy hair look though. Oh, our first world things we think about. Shame, Jacie.

also...i cut my hair in the beginning of July. Yes, I cut my own hair. Some days I cut it waaaay too short -- like this last time -- mullet layers, people. But, that's okay. It'll always grow back (I hope). Side note, do you know how much money I've saved doing that? And husband shaves his head. I don't think we've actually paid for haircuts in YEARS! :) 

Try it out. Well, unless you give yourself a bad cut & it makes you cry. Then, don't.


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