Wednesday, December 23, 2015

what God is teaching me.

Hello there!

Nice to talk with you again. It's been a while. A lot has changed. :D

The Lord has blessed Adam & I with a beautiful baby boy, Lincoln. He is so wonderful. It amazes me how the Lord uses our current seasons to teach us things about His relationship with us.

While I was pregnant (& even know), I asked the Lord to expand my knowledge of his love for me. You see, in the past I've struggled with the truth that God has SAVED me. I've allowed my feelings & emotions to deceive me into feeling like I am not good enough. I have allowed the devil/demons/my own thoughts/what have you to take over & I have been on a journey to come back to truth.

As always, the Lord has been faithful & is teaching me some wonderful things through being a mommy! I can not wait to share them with you...soon...after a little dude's feeding time & nap time...

Stay tuned!

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