Sunday, April 27, 2014

our tentative plan...home, babies, debt, etc.

I just wanted to share a bit with you guys our life as of lately. The following is what 'our plan' is... I say 'our plan' because that's what it is -- and sometimes God has a different plan that completely turns 'our plan' upside down. Let me be clear, we're pretty much open to that happening, too! :) 

This past summer/fall, we were house hunting pretty hot & heavy. We found so many prospects. We were looking back around my hometown & family. My dad & brother were faithful to help us since we don't know too much about foundations & fixing things...they tagged along to make sure that we wouldn't be getting in over our heads! 

Well, we found a home that we absolutely loved & had just about everything that we wanted. We've kind of been thinking that we were going to get a fixer-upper & turn it into EXACTLY what we wanted. A fun project, if you will. Well, this one had been foreclosed on & someone had already turn keyed it. It was beautiful, you guys. Completely remodeled, brand new kitsch, 4BR, 2BR, finished basement with more potential for expansion, fenced in backyard, huge deck. The works. IN OUR PRICE RANGE. Perfect. Well, our realtor had called us & said that someone was going to put an offer in on it & the other realtor called to tell her this because she wanted us to have it first, if we wanted. So, we went to look through a second time. This was moving fast -- so exciting & scary all at the same time! So, after we'd all looked through it, Adam & I told them we were going to chat & get back to them ASAP. Everyone left & there we sat in our potentially future home's driveway. We had to make a decision that night -- right then & there. 

We went back & forth with the pros & cons, should we, shouldn't we, etc. You see, we're planning on me being a stay-at-home mommy. So, even though I'll most-likely have an additional source of income, we are buying a home on just Adam's income. (side note, I came home one day & Adam had already made a spreadsheet with our budget now with both incomes, our apt, etc...and a future one with one budget & a home, etc... it was so cute & smart & I loved it). Anyways, Adam said he thought it may be the smarter move to get our student loans out of the way -- to set ourselves up a little better for the future. Be completely debt-free before making that big purchase. And I have to tell you, I completely agreed. Not to mention, it is definitely God-honoring to be debt-free! So, that was our decision. And we both felt so at peace with our decision. Once we get done paying off our student loans (our only debt), that will be an extra $600/month extra! Which will definitely help on one income! Sure, it'd be nice to have a home, but not knowing exactly where to go anyhow, we're pleased with our decision & the current place the Lord has us! We're knocking down the remaining of husband's student loans & are planning to be COMPLETELY debt free before 2014 is up! 

On the subject of babies, our current plan is to have a little home first, BUT...who knows what God has in store for us... Guess we'll just wait  & see. :)

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