Sunday, April 27, 2014

Perspectives on the World Christian Movement.

We don't get each other Christmas gifts. What we do is get a 'couple's gift'. Like, the first year, we bought a Wii & a couple games...and then we bought a gun...and this year, we bought this class & are taking it together. 

Lucky for us, our church is putting it on this year, so we got a pretty killer discount, which is always nice! :) But seriously you guys, this course is intense. It's pretty much a college course (yes, you can actually get college credit). It's a 14-week course (with homework, personal responses, 3 hour weekly seminars & a ending project) exploring God's heart for the Nations (in a super tiny nutshell).

We're nearing the end of it -- like 2 Tuesdays left! Our favorite part has been listening to all the missions workers & their stories (and the food)! The most challenging part has been enduring all of the reading (like I said, college book with homework -- no joke)! This is a large commitment! But, all in all, it has been pretty beneficial & opened our eyes to future possibilities where God may use us!
Like I was telling you in this post of becoming debt free, who knows where the future will bring us. But, one definitely cool thing we've chatted about is the prospect of missions work. Previously when we'd discussed it, we talked about how poor we would feel leaving a church to have the responsibility of our student loans (some churches help to cover that stuff when you leave). Something just didn't feel comfortable with that. BUT, since the Lord has been providing us with financial freedom, no mortgage, etc, the possibilities are endless. 

We were joking with our pastor & friends the other day about how Adam keeps me level. I'm all like high in the clouds and, "Let's move to Africa tomorrow & share God's love!" He brings me back to logical reality! :) "Maybe there's a better way to ease in, Jace..." or something like that. I'm glad God blessed me with a level-headed chap like him... It's just...I get excited! :) I'm super-de-duper excited to see where the future years will take us!

If you can scrounge up the money & are willing to take a time commitment for 14 weeks, I'd encourage you to try this course. You'll journey through Old Testament & New Testament & get to learn about God's purpose for every believer's life & learn how to share it with others! :)

Sidenote, before making the time & money commitment, they'll let you take 2 classes for FREE! Just to get a feel -- so, if you're interested, look up one in your area & give it a try! This a national class!


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