Thursday, March 24, 2016

husband's motivation!

You may have remember me writing about getting motivated to study for my massage boards here!

Well, I had told my husband that I needed some sort of punishment or something if I don't study some night... well, the other night it happened... I came home from shopping with my mom until like 1 a.m. Hunky husband & I hadn't had a lot of time to talk because we were having a fun girls night after our little dude went to bed. But the next day while folding laundry, husband & I were catching up on the previous night. He says, "You know how you told me you needed some motivation to get you studying? Well, here's what I thought of..." And he proceeded to tell me his clever ultimatum. I study 2 hours/night...or...HE SLEEPS ON THE COUCH (I also turn over my phone to him, so I don't get too distracted)! I started laughing. YES. All I could do was turn around & say, "You sure know how to make me study!" I DO NOT WANT THAT HAPPENING, SO YOU KNOW WHAT -- I HAVEN'T MISSED A SINGLE NIGHT WHEN I CAN HELP IT!!! And he has NOT slept on the couch. Turns out, this is what I needed all along! :) I love my husband -- well done, smart man. Well done. I have been learning SO much. Perk for him -- he gets some more practice massages, too! Boards -- HERE.I.COME.


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