Friday, July 26, 2013

celebrate good times, come on!

weight: 172.6
bust: 32.5
bellybutton: 33
tummy: 38
hips: 40
thigh: 24
arm: 11.5

weight 162.8
bust a little over 31
belly button 32
tummy 35.5
hips 39
thigh 22.5
arm 11

weight down approx. 10 lbs
bust down approx. 1.5 inches
bellybutton down 1 inch
tummy down 1 inch
hips down 1 inch
thigh down 1.5 inch
arm down .5 inch
this = 6.5 inches! holler!

i am one happy jacie with plenty of work to be done!

happy friday!


  1. Kudos on the weight loss! I have always been big and have had an even harder time getting the weight off and especially keeping it off since having MS the last few years. So what are you doing? Just watching the amount you are eating and exercising? That always seems to work best for me.

    1. hey, hey! YUP! that is EXACTLY what i've been doing -- just eating better & exercising. it's amazing how much of a difference that makes AND what a difference it makes in how you feel physically & mentally! thanks for the encouragement! and keep going, keep going as best you can! i'm sure that the MS does sort of throw a wrench in it, but i'm sure that God has a plan for the MS. keep your chin up & head held high!

  2. Good job beautiful. Keep kicking @$$, you're doing fantastic

    1. oh my goodness, miss liz, you are so sweet! thank you for the encouragement! definitely useful! :) i was super stoked when i saw it! :) go YOU! xxoo


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