Thursday, July 25, 2013


yeah, okay... so blast from the past...i'm sure you remember these PAST CHALLENGES that i haven't posted in like forever. well...i found this in my drafts & figured since it was done, i'd share... i'm happy to report that most days i hover between 160-164 lbs! that is with me taking like a month off, whoops! anyways, going pretty well & healthy definitely feels better. i mean, i still indulge in my sweet tooth some, but holding myself accountable (usually) feels good! i can tell that when i eat a bunch more or let myself eat a bunch of junk, my body definitely feels more like a lump & i just don't feel as good...tummy or otherwise! so keep going! you can do it! :) i'll try to get better at keeping you all updated! loves!

start of new challenge!!! no bread, small sweet treat, 6x/week for 20 minutes; smile at everyone & 2 compliments...ready ps 119 twice

32 wawa
Sip orange powerade
Potatoes & green beans
Omlette burrito

Walked 20 minutes

weight 172.6
bust: 32.5
bellybutton: 33
tummy: 38
hips: 40
thigh: 24
arm: 11.5

64 oz water
small container of walmart chx
8 oz bolthouse farms multi-v goodness
snap peas, potatoes, green peppers

ran 4 miles?! (doublecheck on way to work)
not counting my walk around walmart! :)

walked 20 minutes

zuchini, carrots, squash, potatoes
few pretzels
pb snickers
2 bananas
lil smokies
french fries
32 oz water
orange powerade

walked atleast 20 minutes at the mall/shops

20 oz (ISH) water
huge greek salad at lunch (banana peppers, onions, bleu cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers)
huge cobb salad from chick'fil'a (corn, roasted red peppers & tomatoes, ranch & stuff)
orange powerade
2+ cups of joe
maybe cereal tonight? or was that last night?

huge salad
pasta salad
mixed fruit
24 oz water

jogged 3 miles around 1/2 hour (ISH) -- we guessed. walked a couple minutes of that
weighed myself right after & was 171.6 BAM.

weight 172.6

weight: don't remember but somewhere around the above

honestly, i don't remember much of what i ate. today i went to the farmer's market...had like 8 little samples of cheeses, sampled granola, sampled wine, sampled pretzels & jams/jellies, sampled chips & salsa... NO BREAD SAMPLES THOUGH! :) tasted a vegan taco & also a fruit smoothie. YUM.

then, what did i eat when i got home...?! HMMM... i can't remember?! maybe cereal? i don't know, but we went grilling & my brother & sister's for mother's day! i ate a hotdog (no bun), a kabob, a stuffed mushroom, chips, fruit, pasta salad, dirtcup desert & lots of other stuff, lol... it was fun! ice tea mango

walked all around the farmer's market!

weight 171.6???

32 oz water
stuffed mushroom
1 birthday oreo

i am stuffed. we grilled at my brother in laws for mother's day & ate lots! yum. i had a few sips of mt dew & had a lime straw-ber-ita thing, otherwise water! YUM. my tummy is full! my sister in law bought bread for me because she know i lovE it, but i couldn't eat it! i felt bad, but it was definitely a sweet thought! :)

no off. i did the 6 day challenge...
i read psalms 119 twice. i told lots of compliments & gave lots of smiles...but i'm not sure it i did exactly 2 compliments per day & smiled at EVERYONE like the challenge was from mama. :) i tried though!

2 bananas
3 x 13 oz
3 more glasses at home
carrots, snappeas, califlower
granola bar
blt w/ pita chips
pasta salad

run 2.5 miles & 1/2 mile

weight: 171.6
mandarin oranges
lettuce salad
piece of bread
? 5 glasses of water & one water bottle
taco johns (3 tacos, 1/2 lb potato o'les)

weight: 172.4
i think 8 squares of pizza?! throughout the day --probably equals around 2-3 pieces of normal-cut pizza
3 glasses of water & 1 water bottle

no work-out


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