Thursday, July 25, 2013

friday night is date night.

so...for quite some time now, friday night has been date night. sure, we have things going on here & there or we make exceptions here or there...BUT, it's so fun to have something special that you & your spouse get to look forward to every week!

SIDE NOTE, one thing my mom & dad did was 'date night'. they told me that their doctor always said to do that even when you have kids. MAKE TIME FOR YOU TWO. make time for your relationship. make time for nourishing your love. they did a great job of it & were awesome role models. my brother & sister, whom have 3 kids also do a slam-bam job of this. and adam & i are starting these habits now. so, my suggestion: make time for a date night...

as husband always sarcastically says in a weird voice (its' from some movie), "how can you ever have time if you never make time?"

ANYWAYS, i digress. what we are currently doing for our date night is as follows:
we decided that we have SO many movies that we don't watch. so, every friday one of us picks a movie that we want to watch (i can't pick one that i know adam will want to watch & he can't pick one i want to watch -- we do this all the time, so we had to set ground rules :) ). the other one of us picks the meal we're going to cook! that's it! the end! el fin! it's pretty fun to pick out a new meal & make it, too! 

last friday night was: The Odd Life of Timothy Green (picked by me...mostly because it showed up in our mail. this is what happens when you're part of Disney Movie Club & you forget to respond to your Featured Title...$24-$40+ later...ugh). anyways, adam picked SHAKE & BAKE pork chops (recipe we used)! i also just boiled a can of corn & sliced up maybe five (or six or seven -- i don't know) potatoes & poured a package of dried onion soup mix in...WALAH! there you have it.

it was pretty yummy, actually. we used the extra crispy shake & bake -- kinda spicy, actually. not hot or anything, but adam has a crazy tummy, so we try to stay away from spicy stuff that might irritate it! next time, i'll probably buy boneless pork chops, but maybe not because these pork chops were good! boneless ones sometimes have a little more chew, i don't know? anyways, it was good... i recommend trying it! both date night & this meal! 



  1. The quote "How can you ever have time, if you never make time?" Is by The Merovingian from The Matrix Reloaded.


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