Monday, October 14, 2013

our yesterday.

happy monday, loves! 

since i'm semi-trying to keep up with the's what our day looked like yesterday.

me & syds. she likes taking pictures with mommy.

my outfit consisted of my awesome NEON pink Steve Madden scarf (TJMaxx $14.99; i'm cheap...i was even a little -ish at that price, but had been looking for the right color for some time now). striped cami from LTD (when i worked there). vera wang cardi from kohl's (had giftcard, so i think FREE?). pants from LTD. new shoes from Old Navy (that i told you i was getting HERE (double side note -- all my heels but two are up on Craigslist now!).

yeah. and i wanted you to see my MAC snob lipstick i rocked... it's pinker than you can see. love it.

this was what mister adam looked like yesterday when i told him to smile! very handsome. :)

and this is what mister truman looked like... and miss sydney. excuse my craft room mess in the background. :)

and this is what i made for din din... told you i was crockpotting it, again. this recipe is okay. i haven't found one that really knocks our socks off, but it's fun to try new ones! and chicken with rice will always do!

and then this is what happened later. like i told you, i love this look on him. my handsome booger. 

OOOOH. and these are the new shoes i was telling you about from Old Navy. the flats, but look like heels because my feet almost died. apparently i can't wear them anymore because my feetsies aren't used to it...and i don't want to go through the pain to make them used to it! :)

i don't like how you can see my tooter sticking out, but whatever. they are comfy as ever & i'm going to buy more (probably the same color) because i know i'll wear it out. 

the end. 

loves! xoxo,


  1. Loooove your makeup, girl! That lipstick is fab. I neeeeeed.


    1. you & your pregnant self just absolutely MADE MY DAY! woohoo! yes, i try to do simple makeup if i'm doing a loud lip! glad you love! :) xoxo


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