Monday, October 21, 2013

sydney's adventure.

adam sent this to me & my mom friday. then i sent it to a bajillion people at work to make their day a little brighter. hope it does the same for you!
So, Sydney has really taken a liking to Grandma’s gift, that little green stuffed toy thingy. She plays with it nearly every morning in the car. Sometimes for almost the entire duration of our drive. She’ll toss it around and eventually drop in on the front seat for me to throw back into the back seat for her to jump and catch and toss around some more.

Sometimes (today) it bounces off her face and lands above the seats in the back of the car, which proves to be very stressful.

But then we were lucky enough to come to a red light where I could put it in park and retrieve it for her. She was amazed.

The end.

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