Tuesday, October 15, 2013

a lovely day.

what a happy day...nothing too exciting happened & that is just fine.

my mom makes SUPER YUMMY homemade apple juice, so i brought some to work. nobody drank any, but a girl was intrigued by it, so i told her to take it home! so, her & her husband are in for a real treat! plus, it was a nice gesture. 

i wore my hair like you see below today. so that was fun.

husband & i just watched Agents of SHIELD, the t.v. show. and we're getting ready to watch The Mindy Project because husband fixed the TV last night...or got better reception...or did something?

i made homemade breakfast pizza. it was -ish.

husband is getting sick, so that's a big boo. we both took shots of OJ & Emergen-C tonight. mmm.

he's taking a shower to help the drainage & i'm doing my etsy stuff & blogging on my little blog.

OOOOH, i sold a coat today that i've only worn like twice. made a profit, so that's sweet. $50 dollars richer over here (except i spent almost $60 in groceries, soooo...)

i got about 26 containers of yogurt tonight (chobani, yoplait light, greek yoplait -- and that's a bunch of lids to enter codes for the breast cancer cause thing)...i'm not joking...like 26. i'm set.

mmm, i can't think of anything else. it's getting cold over here. i should really break out the good ol' coatycoat. maybe tomorrow.

xs & os. 

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