Tuesday, October 29, 2013

sharpie plates & bowls.

you guys!

look what i made the other night!

adam & i were taking a little napsies on the couch on Sunday afternoon when our doorbell rang. 

adam: anything you want to do today? 
me: no, you? well, send a couple emails.
adam: i had something in mind, but go do your stuff & then come back.
i come back, he grabs me & wraps me up under a blanket, snuggles behind me & we proceed to a Sunday nap...sigh (good sigh)...

so, we're taking a nap & the doorbell rings. we get the dogs put away because they faaaareeeeak out. we answer the door & our little neighbor brooklyn & dad are there... apparently brooklyn is turning 4 & had extra cupcakes she just had to bring to mister adam & miss jacie... :)

so, since that was sunday & her birthday was today...i knew we had to do something... so, we ventured to Dollar Tree & picked up fairy wings, a princess wand, a tutu AND a plate & bowl... i decided i'd make her birthday plates (but get the tutu & wings things incase she didn't like these -- i mean, she's 4).

so, armed with the night ahead of me, some awesome neon sharpies & great ideas... i made these!

i had an absolute BLAST! i had so SO much fun...it took some time, but i got them done & baked that night & they're beautiful!

want to make your own? 
i used this tutorial...
get whatever dishware you want... 
get some sharpies...
draw away! 
then bake 425 for 30 minutes!

want to buy mine? plates HERE & dishes HERE


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