Sunday, October 13, 2013

crock pot whole chicken recipe & last sunday.

last week, i decided this fall/winter was going to be a crockpot one. i hadn't really used our crockpot previously, but for chili, so this was going to be an adventure. a couple gals at work were talking about chicken in the crockpot -- DUH. i had NEVER even thought of that. i decided i had to try it. so, i searched online & found the perfect recipe...or so i thought. adam went & grabbed Iron Man 3 from Redbox, while i finished up prep for dinner. 

it looked yummy. it smelled yummy. but, who would've thought that something with cayenne pepper, white pepper, black pepper, etc would be spicy? 

ahhhh. incase i haven't told you, spicy does not do well with mr. husband. so, he politely ate his helping followed by a drink of water after each! ah, poor guy. "i don't think i'm going to have seconds," he said. aw, shucks. it would have been yummy if not for so spicy. and it smelled weird when reheating (but most stuff does).

regaurdless, i'm proud of myself for actually making something! YAY! i've been trying quite a few crock pot things. today i made my...3rd & later on this week, i'll be trying my 4th. a patient of ours even gave us a candy crockpot recipe! i'll be trying that soon! mmm.

below is also what our Sunday last week looked like. husband got a nap in (he's so sweet bundled up with his hood up & blanket cozied up). truman sat there. we had the candles burning. bliss. 

oh and... i know it's way too early, but i have most of Christmas shopping done...i shop all year. and so i wrapped a couple gifts! i'm going to get a head start this year & be done & relaxed, so i can sit back, sip my hot cocoa & snuggle with husband & two puppies & some candles & some blankets & some movies. perfect.

while wrapping Christmas gifts, i remembered something nice i was going to do for a neighbor i don't know. i had walked by her apartment & the outside of it was decorated with some butterfly stuff. i knew i had some butterfly stuff in my gift stash, so i wrapped it up (with a butterfly bag, of course) & it's sitting on my counter awaiting her doorstep. i think i'm just going to leave it there with a kind, anonymous note. maybe mention something about how i hope she's having a wonderful day & i'm praying for her this week (and actually do it!). what a great way to make someone's day & be a great witness, as well! pass it along! i challenge you to do the same!

and this dress. i'm getting so good at following up my new outfit posts & actually showing you what/when i wore them! score. so, no shoes because i stupidly wore heels. ugh. they hurt so bad & i could barely walk. adam was just like, 'why do you wear those things? your own fault!" he was laughing & so was i (through my tears of pain, kidding) because he's right. so, i'm selling all my heels (except kitty heels & maybe 1 other pair that doesn't kill me). i never wear them anyways because i feel weirdly tall anymore. so, i went & bought myself these almond pointed flats. i wore them for the first time today & they were great. i'm going back to buy more of the same color because when i find something i like, i stock up...

side note, in these pictures, i have weird faces because 1. i'm weird & awkward in front of the camera and 2. because i was looking at truman (our beagle) and 3. my husband makes me laugh. the end.

k, that's all. off to upload stuff i'm trying to sell to Craigslist. 

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