Wednesday, November 14, 2012


note: i wrote this some time ago... just now sharing with you... it's because of some irritating little computer glitches, but God's timing is perfect, none the less... :) hope you're blessed/encouraged by it!


christina over at The Olive Tree always has these cool 'devotional wednesdays' where she puts up something like you see below... every week they are encouraging & pertain to something you could improve upon based upon what scripture tells us...

a few weeks ago, she had THIS post...

this is something that i have been working on constantly. i've been taking a class at church called 'sharing your faith'. it's really helped me to not only 1. evangelize, but 2. hold myself accountable for matching my 'talk' with my 'walk.

professing your Christianity & sharing the Good News is something that we are called & commanded to do. it's amazing & fun & exciting to see God working through you in others...but also challenging when you throw in the... well, 'YOU' aspect. does that make sense? let me try to explain; God is perfect. humans are not. we mess up over & over & over & over again. and when telling people you are a Christian & about living a Christina life, you're sometimes looked at in a different way... sort of like a, "well, if you're a Christian, why are you doing that?" or "you're such a hypocrite!" or "etc (a number of other things...)!" it really helps you to focus on being 'blameless'. because the more 'blameless' you are, the less you'll hear things like that... thus, the better disciple you're being! :) that's a wonderful thought!

you get the picture, right? 

so, i've been prayerfully asking God to continue to give me opportunities to change more to His standards. to give me more opportunities to do good in His name. for more patience. for more grace. for more understanding. for quicker reaction time. for more focus... and on & on & on.

anywhoo, just a little rambling ditty for you... 
as for me, i'm going to go catch up with some serious 'hanging out & relaxing with the love of my life' time... 

prayerfully yours, 


  1. Yeah, this is beautiful. And a fabulous reminder. I have sucked at commenting. Seriously sucked. So I'm sorry! But I still do read each and every post.

    Much love!

  2. glad to see your back! love this!! great thoughts and thanks for sharing!!!


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