Friday, November 16, 2012

it's friday!

sidenote...we did NOT wear this tonight. it's just the first picture i came across in my iPhoto while looking for a picture. one of those nights...where what i see is what you get! :) 

adam & i did a little Christmas shopping tonight...well, that was kinda...sorta what it was supposed to be. no such luck. but good news! i did find myself NOT 1...NOT 2...BUT 3 darling tops to wear to church! 

YAY! :)

i was so excited...and normally i'm a $5 or less per shirt type of girl, but i SPLURGED this time... :) i spent like $40 for 3 shirts. i know, feel free to laugh, but hey! being frugal is good! anyways, i'm super jazzed like a kiddo in a candy store! we just switched internet providers & are saving almost that much per month, so it evened out! :) 

happy weekend. 

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