Saturday, November 17, 2012

peppermint love.

i must admit i'd probably love this flavor ALL.YEAR.LONG...however, there is something about it during the Christmas season. ESPECIALLY curled up on the coach in some hoodie footies (yes, i do have these -- i'll try to get a pic up...thanks to my hubs...! and they're so warm & comfy!), with your honey & a nice cup of hot cocoa. nom nom nom.

what is this flavor, you must ask? 


peppermint anything. please see below for a further, mouth-drooling explanation. yum.

peppermint fudge. although i've NEVER had this, i may just be making it this year. yes, please. or maybe a trip to scheel's for adam to shop & me to see if they have this... and eat it! yum.

although i've never had this kind...i've had these. and let me tell you, the salty sweet deliciousness when these are in your mouth is... AWESOME.

this stuff isn't GREAT, but it'll do when you can't get one of those BELOW.

starbucks...WHITE CHOCOLATE PEPPERMINT MOCHA. so good, so good, so good.

more of this 'cause it looks SO good.

my sister-in-law would pour a bit of peppermint schnapps in hot chocolate... it's so good, but be careful because's alcohol, tricky & delish. so i recommend the above picture...! putting some white chocolate & peppermint in there. i've never tried peppermint extract, but that might be just as good. 

so, now that i've got you drooling, i'm going to go look for something to satisfy my sweet tooth...:) teehee. but really, anything WHITE CHOCOLATE & PEPPERMINT, you're so golden.

what do you think?

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