Sunday, November 18, 2012

happy sunday!

i love sundays. really, i do. 

here are a few reasons why:
*weekly renewal/revival of my faith*
*getting to worship my Lord & Savior*
*seeing friends at church*
*holding husband's hand in prayer*
*dressing up*
*doing hair & make-up*
*sometimes eating out*
*sometimes shopping after church*
*doing NOTHING all day*
*cuddling on the couch*
*blogging while hubs watches sports*
*lots of other stuff depending on weather*

this weekend, adam & i have literally went shopping AWESOME. :) 

friday: had a semi-rough day & wanted a 'walk around shopping date' with hubs (tjmaxx), get out of the house & potentially get some Christmas Christmas gifts found, but scored THREE NEW SHIRTS FOR ME, THE MRS!!! :) new church shirts to be exact... anymore i try to spend only a few dollars on clothes or go to goodwill (there's some GOOD FINDS there!)...but these i 'splurged'... feel free to laugh because 'splurging' to me was $10, $15 & $15... for the shirts... teehee... okay, i do spend more than that at times... i just try NOT to. being frugal & a deal hunter is GREAT! plus, i used to work at The Limited & stocked my closet full for a long it usually has to be a REALLY good deal for me to get!

saturday: went to homemakers with mommy-in-law & picked out a new couch & loveseat set while the brothers watched some football... then after that mr. husband & i went to tjmaxx...again! found a present for miss sister-in-law & mister brother-in-law... BAM. success. 

sunday: after church went to see TWILIGHT (don't worry--i don't ruin anything in this post--read on!)  bam... and then to another tjmaxx...! :) no such luck, but had a blast. beeteedubs, twilight was super sweet (justin, if you're reading this... the last few posts, i've caught myself starting to type 'awesome' or 'amazing' & stopped myself... :) others, more explanation later...!) & husband LOVED his LARGE mt. dew & popcorn -- the only reason he goes to those movies with me! well, besides the fact that he loves me & wants to see my happy! :) love him.

so, anyways, thought i'd let you in on one of my super great shirt finds! :) 

i love this shirt. i have been looking for a sheer button-up for some time now... one that's long enough. everything is so darn short now-a-days. i found this in the 'girls/teens/whatever-you-call-it' (not women's) section at tjmaxx. $14.99, which...i don't LOVE, but i'd been looking long enough that i was okay with it... and it's long! :) do you see the little slits up the side below? i love... :) 

i have a post just waiting to be written about those jeggings i'm wearing... $3.49 at the Tommy Hilfiger Outlet...what, what?! 

and i didn't realize i had my shirt tucked into my undershirt until about 1/2 way through worship time... haha, whoops. can't take this whole 'dressing up thing' too seriously, i suppose! i think i tricked some people at church... they were confused by my suddenly longer hair... once they asked, it struck up a convo about my extensions! :) some days i just miss my long golden locks, so gotta rock some fake ones! :)

and yes, Christmas tree UP! brother-in-law was on the radio last Sunday & we wanted something to do while we listened, so Christmas decor went UP! more on that later!

and of course, had to change into comfies before movie time! so sweats & sweatshirt it is... literally we got back from church & were out the door like 5-10 minutes later to make it in time! :) time to pet the puppies, change & take a picture! :)

hope that you had a wonderful Sunday & liked my outfits! i'll try to do some more of them! i'm really wanting to get more committed to the blog! maybe a New Year's Resolution... that's sort of getting close. well, okay...not really. maybe? no... oh, well. :)


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