Wednesday, November 14, 2012

leg warmers.

it's hard to believe i've been 'blogging' this long... i mean, yeah... it hasn't been that long... but a while now... :) anyways, a friend of mine, molly, called me today & was wondering where i found my 'leg warmers' because she liked the style & wants some... well, they weren't leg warmers... i've been tricking you all! they're my boots! see below... :)

click here to see how i tricked YOU! (and see what i thought about them when i first got them...which isn't too different than what i think now... :)

above is how you can take the cable knit off, making them look like a regular 'ol ugg boot... i've never done this because i like love 'em with the knit... 

above is another color i like... but let's be honest... i wear black way too often to get these... i don't venture out much. and for the price these bad boys are, better be wearing them OFTEN. beeteedubs, i DO. they're a 'go-to'.

and above + below... these are the ones i have! the newest ones (below) are a bit lighter gray... which of course, i love, too, but i think i'd rather just see if they have more detachable knits... or maybe not... they're not that different & i'm totally content with these little foot hugs i've been given!

ugg australia tularosa route boot which is the 'official term' for the TRICKY 'boot' uggs i have...that you can detach the 'cable knit' part from... if you click on the link above, you can see all the different ways to wear them! so basically, it's like having THREE pairs of uggs instead of one! :) fold it over, wear it up, or take it off! that's how i justified such a purchase... well, that and... you KNOW i got a killer sale... as in, they're like $260... i got 'em for $150 (possibly less with coupons -- i got 'em from Victoria's Secret after Christmas)...and on top of that, they were part Christmas from momsies & popsies... so BAM.

ps, i'm sure you could look for these boots (or any UGG boots...or almost anything, for that matter) on or those two sites are 'go-tos' for cheaper stuff, usually... they're like an online tjmaxx, if you will.

so, the whole reason i was going to write this post was to put some nice, cheap links for getting 'leg warmers' for molly, so i could direct her to something... and this has turned into a little more than that, so let me cut to the chase... if you, like molly, are wanting some wonderfully cute leg warmers, then i would like to help you out a bit... we all know i love a good deal, so below i've attached some good sites that i've found for you! :) happy shopping!

this one may be the winner... who knows, maybe little ol' me will get some more... doubt it, but perhaps... hmmm, thinking...thinking... (cable knit leg warmers -- these look similar to the ones attached to my uggs; $9.99) has some cute ones for pretty cheap... well, not cheap, but the cheapest i've found, i suppose! and they're pretty cute! enjoy! 

i lied. no, that sounds bad... it wasn't intentional...i just...spoke too soon! guess what?! (cable knit leg warmers -- these look similar to the ones attached to my uggs; $7.99) has cute ones for around $10, but on sale now...! around $7!!! who doesn't love a good sale! that's what i'm talking about! :) woohoo!

but really, if you're wanting to be SUPER trendy... and you really like my style & want to be similar to it... you're going to want to check out THESE. yeah, if you looked at that link, you know i'm kidding. :) i'm a kidder. 

if you're in the mood to search, good ol' faithful will help you out... if you click on this link, i've already searched 'women's leg warmers' for you... :)

if you're completely insane a little more loose with your money...and want to spend $150 on leg warmers, go HERE. i must admit, they do look comfy cozy... :) and i do like the lady's outfit!

anyways, hope this helped! if you have any other shopping questions, i'd love to hear below! :) 

loves & happy shopping, 

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