Tuesday, November 27, 2012

happy tuesday!

hello there, lovies. 

i hope this post is finding your tuesday going quite swimmingly. :) it's been an adjustment getting back to work after our little Thanksgiving break, but none the less, we're hanging in there! :) 

so, i was cleaning out my work email & found these. i'd saved them because...well, they're awesome. my husband cracks me up, brings a smile to my face more times than i can count in a day & i just wanted to share this email i'd saved. 

Here's how tonight just might go...

5:02 Adam and Syds arrive home
5:04 Trunan drops it like its hot
5:08 Two feasts. Two beasts.
5:17 Jacie arrives home.
5:36 Bike ride to Miller Park
5:44 Love serving Love
6:32 Game. Set. Match.
6:44 Call Papa's.
6:45 Postgame Shower.
7:04 Pickup at Papa's
7:12 Arrive home with Papa's
7:16 Tonight's Feature Presentation: Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1
9:27 Harry battles 'He Who Shall Not Be Named"
9:42 Roll credits
9:43 and beyond - the night is young!
it just cracks me up. he gives a detailed description of getting home, our dogs pooping, our dogs eating, bikes, playing tennis, end of tennis, ordering pizza, clean-up, eating, harry potter marathon, etc. play.by.play. anyways, you can imaging if you're having a rough day, this may put a smile on your face.

or how about this one...?
Sorry your nose is hurting. Here's a suggestion to make it feel better:  Swirl both your hands above your head for 3.4 seconds. Then, while performing a "raise the roof" motion you repeat the line "allergies, allergies go away. good health, good health is here to stay" at least 10 times. Perhaps more if your nose is really bad. After that, you chug a 1/4 gallon of water while balancing on your head while humming the hit song, "Call Me Maybe". After that, you take a magazine from the waiting room. Tear the entire thing up into 1/2" x 1/2" squares. Put those squares into an empty glass. If you put them into a full glass, well, you'll look crazy. With glass in hand, step onto your desk. Holler "good times are here to stay!" and throw your newly constructed confetti high into the air. Then sit down quietly and go about your day. Answer no questions. Act as if it never happened.

You won't know until you try.
oh silly, right? hope you enjoyed it. he so cracks me up.

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