Tuesday, March 12, 2013

a sick bug.

a bug (husband) is having a rough go at things lately... he's had more ankle problems (over the years) than i can count... and right now he's fighting the beginnings of a cold!

usually this would stink, but right now it's extra stinky because he has an alumni tournament this weekend that he's playing in! so, he's been staying off of that ankle & trying to rest his body before the games begin! the only bad part of this for him is then he's not in as good of shape, either. sigh, i think his body needs a break! and he was going to play church softball this spring -- who knows?!

(p.s. these aren't pictures of a sick bug, right now...these are pictures of a bug pretending to 'sleep' while our nieces were over. we thought it'd be funny to take a picture for my brother & sister of how we felt after we had a weekend with 2 under 3, HA)

all i know is that we'd sure appreciate your prayers around these parts! :) 

a bug is having some sweet dreams right now (he's a cute sleeper), so i thought i'd jump on here real quick & ask for some prayers! :) 

hope this blog post finds you all in a world of happiness!

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