Tuesday, March 12, 2013

sometimes husband just has to laugh...

when i wear stuff like this... i won't say most... okay, maybe most of my clothes (outside of work) husband doesn't understand. a lot of the time i like loud & different stuff. thus, the leopard & bright red flower leggings! I LOVE THEM! :) my mom was looking for ideas for Christmas & i found these bad boys! $5 at rue21! i don't shop there much because i don't find their stuff to be great quality, but these babies...well, they're going to be fun while they last! :)

wedding ring (obviously) & fossil watch are a staple in my wardrobe...paired with a GREAT ring my mama picked out for Christmas -- it has a camel leather strap (so cute) & a bracelet that i got for $1 from charlotte russe! oh how i get SO excited for good deals!

i love my cowl neck scarf that you can't see in the picture... it's cozy. sorry for the picture quality... it's not terrible, but a bit blury. our camera mysteriously stopped working, so we're relying on the iPod until we get a new one.

the end. 

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