Tuesday, March 12, 2013

easy-peasy chocolate drink.

adam & i got CRAZY sick this winter. after we had seen the family at Christmas, we were all infected. i mean every single person on adam's side, but one... strep, influenza, bronchitis, etc. ick, gross. so, towards the end of our sickness, we just HAD to get out of the house. ever have that feeling? you CAN NOT stay cooped up in your sicky house ANY longer. so, where do you go? well, for us a shopping trip to good ol' wal-mart was just what we needed! :) 

while we were there, we were dying to have something cold for our throats. we picked up some chocolate milk & ice cream. got home. put them in the blender. sprayed some whip cream on top. the end. finished done. 

it...felt...so...good! and tasted pretty good for ice cream & chocolate milk. 

from looking at this picture it looks like i added some serendipity hot chocolate mix to it... :)

i love my pretty cups... the ones above were part of our FANTASTIC set we got for our wedding... and the bottoms were too good of deal to pass up... they were like an $80 set for $20. perfectly pretty. 

my hands are freezing. 

ps. if adam ends up getting all the way sick, i guess i know what i'll be making soon... :)

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