Sunday, March 24, 2013

Palm Sunday.

at church this morning, there was an annual performance called, "Journey to the Cross". it is definitely a great reminder of what Jesus went through for us... i'm so glad that i had that reminder because how quickly we forget. we always say, "He died for our sins..." but the death that he died was excruciating... and as gruesome as it may've been, i think it's important to remind yourself that He did all of that...went through all of that for you & me. 

little side note: excruciating means "out of the cross"

· The spike would be driven through and crush the main vein running out of the hand - causing "excruciating" pain. This word "excruciating" means "out of the cross". They actually created a new word because nothing in the language could describe the intense anguish caused during the crucifixion.

to read what Jesus endured for you & i, go here. warning: it is very graphic.

the above passage, i randomly found, but it's exactly what one of our pastors was saying this morning. anyways, hope that you had a great Palm Sunday & are so looking forward to next Sunday celebrating the Risen King & victory of Jesus! I know I am! :)

again & again & again, i am eternally grateful for what my Lord has done for me. even thinking to right before His death, washing the feet of the 12 disciples -- even the one whom He knew was going to betray Him... He loved, He served. the ultimate example of how to live.

extremely thankful & praying for your heart, 

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