Saturday, March 23, 2013

happy weekend!

Happy Saturday, loves! What a crazy week, it's been. I've been extremely tired with NO idea why!? Maybe it's because some nights I stayed up a bit later to finish our LOST marathon?! or maybe something else -- i don't know. 

regardless, last night i made creamy pork chops & rice...which i found out i'm not a huge fan of pork chops... maybe it's because they had bones... maybe i just like them breaded better? again, no idea... the rice & other stuff rocked, but it'll be a mystery until i try them again. :) i'm trying to cook different things, so i'm just pulling recipes that look tasty, buying the stuff & trying them. we need more meals in our family arsenal than just sloppy joes, quesadillas & hotdogs! :) so far i've tried cordon bleu, breaded tilapia & creamy pork chops with rice.

i'll keep you posted with how this experiment turns out. 
here's what i have in the batter's box:
french onion burgers
beef teriyaki
shortcut chicken cordon bleu
crunchy no-fry chicken
quick chicken parmesan
easy asian-style chicken & rice
broccoli & garlic penne pasta

as for today/tonight... it's leftovers. man, it's hard feeding just two... i haven't mastered cutting recipies down/freezing half yet. i'll get there... it may be hard feeding two, but it's a lot cheaper & we can have leftovers! we love our leftovers! :) i'm thankful for that!

so, since i didn't feel like cleaning or anything last night. today is going to be a cleaning day. and once i get done cleaning, then i'm going to the spare room/craft room to clean up. it's ridiculous. i'll get it clean & then BAM, it's a disaster. it's time to fix it once & for all!

have a happy weekend! 

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