Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Valentine's Dinner at church.

apparently each year our church does a Valentine's Day dinner... just a night where they cater some food in, everyone plays games & then they end the night with a movie in the huge auditorium (seriously exactly like a movie theatre)...complete with pop & popcorn...

i had NO idea what to wear. i scoured pictures from years past to see what everyone else wore & it was a mixture. well, since i had some old scrap gingham pattern fabric, i decided the bright pinkiness of it would make the perfect patterned infinity scarf. 

so easy... cut & sew. 

i just decided semi-casual... black jeggings (tommy), neon pink & plain white undershirt (victoria's secret), black cardi (simply vera)... add a homeade scarf & a ring you got for a $1 from claire's & WHAMMO. casual valentine's outfit. simple, yet gets the 'festive' part across.

want to buy this worn one-time, upcycled beauty? 
go here.

happy WAY-LATE valentine's day!

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