Monday, September 24, 2012

because i love harry potter...

you're going to get a post about all these 'peeps' (as the cool kiddos call 'em) today!
wish i was sitting in a wooden room on mopeds that didn't work with these cool cats.
why yes, hunnie... we WILL have out child dressing like this someday. :)
in addition to sitting on non-working mopeds, i would like to sit in a random kitchen (complete with empty drawers) with these cool cats...
awesomeness. i would wear all of these outfits. even the boys. minus the boys shoes. BAM.
the above picture is probably one of my favorites. i absolutely adore how they say their favorite lines. and it's so funny that i can place almost every single line.... they seriously crack me up. my favorite? i don't know, maybe, "morning", because that's such an ackward moment -- i know, i'm a nerd.
what's your favorite line?
the only think that would make this better? seeing their reasoning behind their favorite line!

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